CaptureMast are delighted to announce they will be Virtual Learning UK (VLUK) as part of the Virtual Active Group’s ‘official sports filming partner’ for the forthcoming season and academic year. This will see VLUK and CaptureMast collaborate to benefit of either party within the Sport and Education Marketplace.

In addition all VLUK partner Clubs, Colleges, Academies and Universities will be able to access unique discounts with CaptureMast for their products.

CaptureMast are the UK’s leading specialists in Telescopic Sports Mast Equipment within the sport & education sector. Providing the opportunity for clubs & teams at all levels to improve performance and player development through overhead coverage and professional filming giving optimum view of any match. Whether it be for training, coaching, league games or analysis they have developed products to meet with clients exact requirements offering an outstanding bespoke service. Working with professional clubs, teams and academies across the UK, CaptureMast will only continue to evolve and grow within the industry.

Char Sadler, CaptureMast MD:

‘It really was a no-brainer to partner up with VLUK. An approved government provider, educating over 1500 young people delivering outstanding education programmes, of course I would want CaptureMast to be associated with VLUK. Alike VLUK, we are incredibly passionate about sport and giving the best opportunities to students & players across the UK. In the same way we provide the best technology for students to develop, VLUK provide the best level of education for students to achieve their ambitions and what better way than to combine the two brands together. VLUK pride themselves on being personal and always on hand and that’s exactly how CaptureMast operates – by creating a platform in which we can encourage, learn and support player development. Its clear to see VLUK have existing & sustainable partnerships with academies, colleges & universities throughout the UK in which we will now see CaptureMast become their number one filming provider to all partners of VLUK offering exclusive discounts and long-term, will be incredibly successful for all involved with CaptureMast and VLUK, really looking forward to the future’

Mike Morris, Partnership Director The Virtual Active Group:

‘We are delighted to be working in partnership with CaptureMast and in particular with Charlotte their MD. Having discussed the company with her on several occasions its clear that she values customer service and reputation very highly, making her a perfect partner for the group. All our partners will benefit from this partnership via very favourable discounts.

In addition we know that should Charlotte recommend any new partners to us, either clubs or other educational institutions she would not do so lightly and we can be confident they will share our values from the outset.’