We have some exciting news to share this week and what’s in store for CaptureMast in 2018.

Our Partnership announcements 2018

Association of Colleges (AoC)
We are now in partnership Association of Colleges (AoC) is the national voice for colleges and exists to promote and support their interests. Everything AoC does is aimed at helping colleges deliver their purpose and to make an impact. They believe that every community should be supported by a strong and successful college, which develops students, delivers relevant skills, and supports stronger communities, social justice, employers and the economy. As CaptureMast work closely to enhance sports education with sports event filming, and selling their latest sports filming equipment this is a very successful partnership.

‘Director Char at CaptureMast ‘Quoted: We are ecstatic to be a part of such a great organisation in the Education sector, very excited for what’s ahead for us this year!’

Pro Ethical Sports
Pro Ethical Sports Management Solutions are committed to developing footballers with talent, potential, and ability as well as managing Career Progression from the first contact to signing, nationally or internationally. They have built upon their previous progressive success to establish The Pro Ethical Elite Full Time Football Academy, ensuring clubs have access to the best talent in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Global. They help players achieve performance excellence by way of our professional expertise knowing how to convert data into consistent performances for the benefit of employers and players. CaptureMast is extremely excited to work closely with the remarkable company Pro Ethical Sports developing and growing players together.

ECFA (English Colleges Football Association)
Another highlight is we have also become in partnership with ECFA (English Colleges Football Association) Through the medium of associations football, the English schools FA, support young people who are in education to develop:
· Self-discipline, loyalty, and resilience
· Respect for those around them
· Positive decision-making
· A healthy lifestyle and physical skills

CaptureMast will be Monitoring & analysing student’s performances on the pitch with their Telescopic Sports Masts, enhancing sports education through professional filming that showcases strengths and weaknesses of the games. CaptureMast creates a platform that ignites the potential in others through sports filming inspiring and educating players performances. Huge benefits for all AOC members competing in the ECFA league. CaptureMast will be providing discounts strictly to all AOC members on our Telescopic Sports Mast Equipment, they will receive their very own tailored discount code. To get the code they will need to check their AOC January newsletter or contact us for further information on how you can get the discount code.

‘Director Char at CaptureMast ‘Quoted: We have become in partnership with some outstanding organisations, and we are very grateful to work so closely with them to make a
difference and develop in the sporting industry, we are so ready for 2018 now!’