What can I use the masts for?

You can use the equipment for a range of services, if you are at school, college or university, you can film your sports game, enhancing your students’ performance as a coaching tool. If you are an academy you can use your analysis department to analyse and monitor the players; thus being a fantastic training tool. If you are a professional club/ team you can purchase the masts’ to film every league game and cup game, not forgetting your training sessions so you can capture all your moments.

Is the ‘Telescopic Sports Mast’ easy to use?

The camera can go up to a staggering 30ft, giving you the complete overhead footage you will need. You will have a 7 inch monitor attached to the mast, so you can see exactly what you’re filming, and can control the mast manually with the remote handle – giving you the option to pan and tilt as well as zooming in and out. Everything has been designed to make filming as easy and enjoyable as possible.