The CaptureMast team travel the length and breadth of the UK, offering a personable service of how of telescopic sports mast works. So, wherever you are in the UK we will travel to you and give you a real demo of how our equipment works.

Here at CaptureMast, we have a highly experienced team that will showcase you on how everything works. Our telescopic sports mast equipment can go up to a staggering 26ft, giving you the complete overhead footage you will need.

You will have a 7-inch monitor attached to the mast, so you can see exactly what you’re filming from 26ft. You have the ability to control the mast manually with the remote handle with the zoom functions, not forgetting the motorhead which allows the camera to pan/tilt up to 17 degrees to make sure you cover each and every angle of your game. Everything has been designed to make filming as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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Get a feel for the equipment before purchasing

Get a feel for the equipment before purchasing we charge £100 per demo £60 for travel expenses however if you are to go ahead with the purchase we then reimburse the demo cost off the final amount.

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