CaptureMast: FILM

Get your sport event professionally filmed by us! Here at CaptureMast, we have a highly experienced team, that showcases the talent on the ground. Our telescopic sports mast equipment ranges as far as 30ft, we have a complete overview of every sports event. We work with a range of sporting events, and we specialise in filming: Professional Clubs, Teams, Academies and US Scholarship companies within the UK. Also, we work closely with the education sector, filming sports events for schools, colleges, and universities; as well as filming individual performances – up and close tracking your every move. All our packages are designed to suit you and your requirements.

CaptureMast film any sporting event – From Individual players to teams, for example: football, rugby, cricket, ice hockey, golf, swimming, hockey, polo, basketball, netball, baseball and much much more! 

There is no age limits, as we cover all age ranges, from infants, juniors and adults.

Our Telescopic Sports Mast camera shoots up to a staggering 30ft, giving you a complete overhead footage. Everything has been designed and tested for professional filming – you will be amazed!

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% Coverage
% Professionally Filmed


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