26ft Elite Filming Mast Package

£2,200.00 exc VAT

Yes, this sports camera mast might be classed as ‘heavy duty’ but that still doesn’t take away the fact it is still robust enough to transport to and from away games – weighing in at only 11.5KG! (because who wants to cart around a bulky oversized case that’s impossible to fit in any car? Not us)

Made from aluminum and chrome steel, the materials of this mast are able to withstand any weather conditions including rain, wind, and snowmaking it the ultimate go-to for any club. This mast has a larger base footprint than the lightweight making it more sturdier and stable with also the option to film on stairs, slopes and hills due to the adjustable legs.

High quality overhead footage is crucial when it comes to filming & analysing your games. Video footage means nothing if the quality is poor so thats why this package allows you to film your games with  exceptional image quality on the Sony FDR-AX53 camera. Not only that but you can see EVERYTHING you are filming on our 7inch CaptureMast field monitors offering complete control of your filming operations alongside our CaptureMast 20x optical zoom remotes – the perfect tool for aspiring sports analysts & coaches.


– Price – £2400.00 excluding VAT
– 1x chrome steel filming mast (11KG)
– 1x Sony 4K FDR-AX53 camera
– 1x camera case
– 2x 5hour batteries (camera & monitor)
– 1x Motorhead pan/tilt (smooth articulated camera motion)
– 1x pan/tilt remote
– 1x 7-inch CaptureMast field monitor
– 1x monitor clamp & pan bar
– 1x CaptureMast zoom remote
– 2x equipment CaptureMast equipment bag holders
– 1x field monitor waterproof cover
– 1x pan bar waterproof cover
– 1x pan/tilt remote cover
– 1x camera rain jacket
– 1x cable sleeve protector
– 1x memory card & memory card reader



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Can we live-code?2022-01-03T15:15:12+00:00

The answer is yes, you can live code with any form of capture card or HDMI splitter. We also sell them as an additional accessory on our accessories page. Simply plug your HDMI cable into your card and then from the card straight into your laptop. You can then see the footage via OBS free software & can live-code from there.

We have a certain camera model that we have been looking at but it isn’t one of the camera models listed in the package list – can we do this?2020-10-22T13:59:18+01:00

Of course, we understand that certain clubs have certain requirements and may want a
certain model of camera due to their analysis or broadcast needs, so we can certainly build a
package including the camera you want. Please note, the camera must be Sony or Canon as
our set-ups are only compatible with these brands.

Can we buy without the camera?2020-10-27T18:00:23+00:00

If you would like to purchase without a camera this is completely fine, however please
contact us beforehand to tell us either what your current camera is or which camera you are
wanting to purchase separately so we can tailor a package that fits with your requirements.
This is simply because we need to make sure all cables will be compatible with what you