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CaptureMast, the UK’s leading specialists in Telescopic Sports Mast equipment and sport/ event filming… We offer a quality service with highly competitive industry prices. Our unique service caters to ALL different types of sports events, using only the latest technology, as well as capturing the passion and excitement of your live sporting event. We provide the opportunity for coaches and teams at all levels to improve performance through professional filming. We cover all age ranges and sporting events, whether you need game highlights & bespoke overlays, an in-depth analysis report, or showcases filmed for your trial dates. we can tailor something to meet your exact requirements.

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We’re so much more than just a filming sports service

We are constantly evolving and our main objective is to showcase the great strength and talent in filming sports events. So we need to be much more than just filming their events, we also support and encourage them from the onset and throughout. We exist to create a platform that ignites the potential in others, as your success and inspiration is the key to the CaptureMast team.