CaptureClamp is a simplistic yet innovative tool that will attach onto any structure – preventing side bars, tripod legs or any other objects from interfering with your shots, resulting in a complete, direct view of any pitch. CaptureClamp ensures that ultimately, you experience smooth, direct, stable footage with pan tilt, fluid-head control – creating that extra smoother movement & adding that true professional finish to any footage.

For clubs who already have the height with gantries & scaffolding whom may not necessarily need a CaptureMast for the vantage point, we wanted to provide a second option for those who already have the height in place. This is where the CaptureClamp comes in, providing all the same benefits you would normally receive from a CaptureMast – just on a more compact & smaller scale!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my own camera but I still want all the same accessories as the elite including zoom control, cables, monitor etc?2022-06-29T12:34:10+01:00

We are more than happy to create a package from you tailored for your club – we must state that the camera must be Sony, otherwise our zoom controls will not be compatible.  The camera model must have also been manufactured any time after 2014 due to the outputs on the camera changing at this time.  Please email us with your existing equipment so we can create a package that works for you:

There is only a few things I need from each package, am I able to buy the parts separately?2022-06-29T12:33:59+01:00

Yes, you can purchase directly from our accessories page – ACCESSORIES

Do you have any offers on?2022-06-29T12:32:17+01:00

Any offers will normally be found on our social media pages @capturemast. We also offer a brand exposure discount package which does include a discount on any CaptureMasts or CaptureClamps purchased. Email us quoting the brand exposure & we will send you more details. We also offer further discounts on more than one mast or clamp package purchased.

Will it fit onto my gantry?2022-06-29T12:30:44+01:00

The CaptureClamp can attach onto any structure with a maximum width of up to 6cm (general scaffolding poles are 4.5cm)

How long is delivery?2022-06-29T12:29:57+01:00

Delivery time will be 7-10 working days via courier.

Can we see some footage taken from the CaptureClamp to see the smoothness of the shots?2022-06-29T12:29:16+01:00

Absolutely, please feel free to email us & we will send you through some sample footage.

What does fluid head mean?2022-06-29T12:28:17+01:00

A head, that contains a fluid chamber within its design, to dampen the sudden movements and vibrations of the camera.

A well-built fluid head will allow you to achieve the smoothest of movements. You’ll achieve clean stopping and starting, and be able to do smooth pans without any jerkiness.

I want to buy a CaptureMast & a CaptureClamp together can you do a deal?2022-06-29T12:27:13+01:00

Yes, we can – we class this as a combo deal. Contact us & we can give you a quote –


“Regardless of any situation, whether you already own a camera or have one in mind – we can tailor you a package to suit your needs so you can maximise the benefits of your certain requirements.”