You probably have a million different questions you want to ask us. So, to save you time, we have listed the most frequently asked questions which we receive from people interested in our products. If we haven’t answered what you were looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer a bulk discount?2020-11-26T11:00:16+00:00

Absolutely, we give a bulk discount on any orders of two or more masts purchased in one sale. Contact us for a quote – hello@capturemast.co.uk

What’s included in the packages?2020-10-26T13:07:31+00:00

We sell three filming mast packages, with each of them having benefits to suit you. Generally
speaking, in all packages you will receive the full kit including the following:
1x sports mast
1x camera & camera case (for specific model please see shop)
2x 5hour batteries
1x motorhead (smooth pan/tilt)
1x 7inch monitor
1x monitor clamp & pan bar
1x CaptureMast zoom remote
1x equipment bags & mast holder
4x waterproof covers
2x chargers (monitor & camera)
1x cable sleeve protector & all cables required
1x memory card & memory stick
Also a welcome pack, instruction booklet, complimentary demo & a demo video (so you can
share to all your colleagues)


What are the prices?2020-09-27T19:54:42+01:00

Lightweight 26ft Telescopic Sports Mast package – £2,200 excluding VAT
Heavy Duty 26ft Telescopic Sports Mast package – £2,400 excluding VAT
Elite Development Mast package – £2,800 excluding VAT

Do you need external power?2020-09-27T19:55:50+01:00

No, as long as the monitor and camera are fully charged before a game you will have 4 hours
of battery life. You don’t need any form of power as the motorhead is operated by 4AA

What is the difference between the three packages?2020-11-26T10:41:48+00:00

The biggest difference between the lightweight & heavy duty is the mast itself. Both are
made from different materials. The lightweight is exactly what it says it is & is perfect for
those hot countries where wind isn’t an issue. It is a great asset to a club who wants a basic
filming package where analysis isn’t an issue. In terms of the heavy duty package – fantastic
for harsher weather conditions & is most definitely our best seller. The camera is also 4K and
provides a very high quality picture. From that to the elite version, the elite allows more
coverage of the pitch so benefits teams that don’t have much space filming between the
sideline and the pitch. This package provides a 360 pan/tilt.

Can we take the camera mast to fixtures abroad?2020-09-27T20:35:23+01:00

Of course, in fact we have many academies that do this as they fall under the ‘ski’ category
when it comes to luggage. The additional equipment bag is small enough to go as hand
luggage on the plane.

Do you ship worldwide?2020-09-27T20:05:51+01:00

Yes, we ship to all countries, however please contact us before placing an order so we can
quote you on delivery. Free delivery in England/Wales/Scotland applies.

Do you offer sponsorship packages?2020-09-27T22:05:30+01:00

We have sponsored clubs of all levels and are always keen to work with more teams. It is in
our best interest to promote the brand via club advertisement so drop us a message with your
sponsorship packages & we can negotiate a deal with one of our packages. CONTACT US

Can we fit the equipment in our car to transport to away games?2020-09-27T21:06:03+01:00

This is exactly what we design the masts for. Portable and robust so you can take to any away
games. Even though we consider the ‘heavy duty’ as heavy duty, it is still light enough to fit
in your car or minibus & away you go. The lightweight package weighs 5KG & both the elite
development and heavy duty weigh 11.5KG.

How does the payment plan work?2020-09-27T21:07:38+01:00

The payment plan is the same on all packages.A £500 first installment followed by the
remaining cost spread out over a maximum of 7 months. All payment plans include no added

We have our own filming equipment but just want to upgrade a few parts on it such as the zoom remote & cable protection sleeves can we buy these from yourselves?2020-09-27T22:08:05+01:00

Yes, you can now buy additional parts to add to your existing equipment – head over to our
accessory page on our website to see our additional products.

Visit Accessories Page

How long does delivery take?2020-09-27T21:17:19+01:00

Delivery is 7-10 working days from when we receive payment. We will work with you on a day
that suits the club so we can give a full demonstration of the equipment upon handover.

It looks quite technical to set-up. Do we get any help?2020-10-21T22:40:35+01:00

Yes, you receive a full demonstration upon delivery. Also a demo video to share with your
staff & an instruction booklet. We are always at hand to help you, providing 7 day a week
customer support.

What can I use the masts for?2020-10-21T22:39:43+01:00

You can use the equipment for a range of services – coaching, training, analysis, academy or
league games – all resulting in player development reaching heights up to 30ft giving you
complete overhead coverage of any game.

What is the warranty?2020-10-21T22:38:05+01:00

Warranty is standard 3 months from the date of delivery however you can buy a year by year
warranty if you wish at an additional £100 per year. We are very responsive to any problems
that may occur so we are always on hand to solve any problems that you have and will try our
very best to help, within the warranty timeframe or not.

Is it compatible with any analysis software or editing platforms?2020-10-27T18:00:07+00:00

Absolutely – once you have filmed all you need to do is transfer the footage from your
memory card onto your computer or laptop and you can then use the footage with any

What are the products like in weather conditions?2020-11-06T11:16:11+00:00

Alike most technology, the camera itself isn’t waterproof however we do provide a waterproof
cover for the camera and motorhead and also two waterproof covers for the zoom remote &
the back of the monitor (the front of the monitor already has a protective hood for rain and
sunglare) the mast itself is fine in all weather conditions & all cables are protected with the
CaptureMast cable sleeves (see accessories page). Both equipment bags are also
waterproof so can be to and from destinations in all weather conditions.

Can we buy without the camera?2020-10-27T18:00:23+00:00

If you would like to purchase without a camera this is completely fine, however please
contact us beforehand to tell us either what your current camera is or which camera you are
wanting to purchase separately so we can tailor a package that fits with your requirements.
This is simply because we need to make sure all cables will be compatible with what you

We have a certain camera model that we have been looking at but it isn’t one of the camera models listed in the package list – can we do this?2020-10-22T13:59:18+01:00

Of course, we understand that certain clubs have certain requirements and may want a
certain model of camera due to their analysis or broadcast needs, so we can certainly build a
package including the camera you want. Please note, the camera must be Sony or Canon as
our set-ups are only compatible with these brands.

Can we live-code?2020-10-22T13:59:40+01:00

Yes, you can live code if you have any form of Capture box which if you already live-code no
doubt you will already own one of these. What live-coding basically does is it allows you to
watch footage on your laptop so you can live-stream/analyse games as they are playing.

Do you have any offers on?2020-10-22T13:57:10+01:00

Drop us a message, we generally have offers running quite often.

We would like to see the products before we buy, can we do this?2020-11-26T11:04:32+00:00

You can either book in for a demo which cost standard £160 due to travel expenses & time,
OR to make it easier (and cheaper) for you we now have free demo videos to give you a
further insight to the set-up of the equipment and exactly what you get in the packages.

Referral scheme ?2020-10-22T13:58:11+01:00

100% – any referral done will receive £100 referral fee. All we ask is you to email us CC’in the
referee and once the sale is completed, the money will be transferred over to you. 10
referrals a month, you do the maths!

What happens if I turn up to an away fixture and there is nowhere to film?2020-09-27T21:31:16+01:00

With CaptureMast, you don’t have to worry about anything, whether the location has shaky
scaffolding, a small gantry or unstable surfaces, simply transition the mast a few metres from
the halfway line and you will effectively capture the footage you need.

Have any more questions?2020-11-06T11:10:12+00:00

Drop us an email – hello@capturemast.co.uk