Elite CaptureClamp Package

£1,158.33 exc VAT


When we say elite, we mean elite & this model is for the elite. We spend a lot of time with analysts & teams, really getting to know their needs & what they want in a product. This is why we have designed a package with everything you need so you can get the maximum results through video footage & develop your club even further. Everything from cables to waterproof covers has been designed by us so that you can have the most enjoyable filming experience as possible, at complete ease.

With this package you will have everything you need to start filming the minute you receive your delivery.  There is no additional extras, no add-ons, no subscriptions, no extra parts you need to buy – the elite saves you valued time by including everything in one package, so that you can put your time into your club, rather than spending time sourcing extra parts.

We can now also officially say, that we are the only company in the UK to provide the cable at that length which runs directly from the Sony camera directly to the zoom remote & for that we are super proud!

The CaptureClamp Elite package, is in essence an exact mini version of the CaptureMast Elite package, with all the same benefits including pan/tilt, zoom control, 7inch field monitor viewing & outstanding Sony high quality video footage.

Why use CaptureClamp Elite?

  • Prevents side bars, tripod legs and other objects from interfering with your shots.
  • Video quality is so crucial when it comes to reviewing footage & is often overlooked – you don’t need to worry about that when the Sony FDR AX53 camera included!
  • Double HDMI loop on the monitor – a great addition for any analyst/coach/videographer wanting to live-code to their laptop whilst filming.
  • No need to buy any extra parts or additional items, we’ve got you covered, right down to tailor made protective equipment bags & cases – they are all included.
  • No need to buy any extra parts or additional items, we’ve got you covered, right down to tailor made protective equipment bags & cases – they are all included.
  • High quality custom made cables specifically designed for this product meaning a longer life span & more robust.
  • Take pictures on the camera whilst recording, without breaking your filming up.
  • Pan/tilt fluid head control for more smooth professional shots.
  • Simplistic and an innovative tool that helps your club record quality on-field footage
  • Enables the analyst or videographer to gain every angle of the pitch.
  • Lines up your camera with a gantry for a complete and direct view of the pitch.
  • Easy to set-up & extremely portable, perfect for away games!


– 1x CaptureClamp
– 1x CaptureClamp fluid head
– 1x camera levelling plate
– 1x CaptureClamp pan/tilt bar
– 1x Sony FDR-AX53 camera
– 1x CaptureClamp fluid head protective case
– 1x CaptureClamp equipment bag
– 1x zoom remote control & cable
– 1x zoom remote control waterproof cover
– 1x 7inch 4K field monitor & HDMI cable
– 1x field monitor waterproof cover
– 1x monitor articulating arm
– 1x camera & monitor protective case
– 2x upgraded batteries (camera & monitor)


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