Another Break Through Partnership for CaptureMast introducing VLUK Partnership

CaptureMast are delighted to announce they will be Virtual Learning UK (VLUK) as part of the Virtual Active Group’s ‘official sports filming partner’ for the forthcoming season and academic year. This will see VLUK and CaptureMast collaborate to benefit of either party within the Sport and Education Marketplace.

In addition all VLUK partner Clubs, Colleges, Academies and Universities will be able to access unique discounts with CaptureMast for their products.

CaptureMast are the UK’s leading specialists in Telescopic Sports Mast Equipment within the sport & education sector. Providing the opportunity for clubs & teams at all levels to improve performance and player development through overhead coverage and professional filming giving optimum view of any match. Whether it be for training, coaching, league games or analysis they have developed products to meet with clients exact requirements offering an outstanding bespoke service. Working with professional clubs, teams and academies across the UK, CaptureMast will only continue to evolve and grow within the industry.

Char Sadler, CaptureMast MD:

‘It really was a no-brainer to partner up with VLUK. An approved government provider, educating over 1500 young people delivering outstanding education programmes, of course I would want CaptureMast to be associated with VLUK. Alike VLUK, we are incredibly passionate about sport and giving the best opportunities to students & players across the UK. In the same way we provide the best technology for students to develop, VLUK provide the best level of education for students to achieve their ambitions and what better way than to combine the two brands together. VLUK pride themselves on being personal and always on hand and that’s exactly how CaptureMast operates – by creating a platform in which we can encourage, learn and support player development. Its clear to see VLUK have existing & sustainable partnerships with academies, colleges & universities throughout the UK in which we will now see CaptureMast become their number one filming provider to all partners of VLUK offering exclusive discounts and long-term, will be incredibly successful for all involved with CaptureMast and VLUK, really looking forward to the future’

Mike Morris, Partnership Director The Virtual Active Group:

‘We are delighted to be working in partnership with CaptureMast and in particular with Charlotte their MD. Having discussed the company with her on several occasions its clear that she values customer service and reputation very highly, making her a perfect partner for the group. All our partners will benefit from this partnership via very favourable discounts.

In addition we know that should Charlotte recommend any new partners to us, either clubs or other educational institutions she would not do so lightly and we can be confident they will share our values from the outset.’


This is ‘BIG’ CaptureMast are partnering with Kitlocker & Adidas

CaptureMast is partnering with Kitlocker & Adidas this is a big “WOW” moment for us as a company.

We know how essential kits and training wear are to clubs and teams, we wanted to make sure our clients are able to receive the best possible service and of course quality clothing, but,  WHAT BETTER brand than Adidas? – one of the biggest and well-known sportswear brands in Europe.

CaptureMast is a company that’s growing rapidly and it’s still less than a year old been a year, it’s a fantastic achievement for us. Finding and researching the right partnerships that suit us as a company and help drive us forward is incredibly important to us.  

Kitlocker is indispensable suppliers of kits for education, grassroots and professional sports around the world.

In the present day, has expanded and now operates within several sectors of the sports and leisurewear market (schools, colleges, grassroots & semi-professional football, rugby, basketball, volleyball etc)

Ben Dixon – Business Development Manager at Kitlocker, Quoted:

“ We are delighted to have formed a partnership with CaptureMast. Like ourselves, they are specialists in their own industry and provide customers up and down the UK with an excellent level of service.

It has made perfect sense to develop a hugely positive working relationship with CaptureMast, given that we are both growing businesses in the world of sport who can complement one another. We hope that the customers of CaptureMast will be delighted to hear that their kit purchasing decisions can be made easier with We are offering all those that use CaptureMast’s services the opportunity to get an extra 5% off our already heavily discounted Adidas range.”

Kitlocker are already the supplier of choice to many satisfied schools, universities, clubs, and teams who have discovered the unique blend of exceptional value and service that they offer. Garments can be personalised to incorporate embroidery or printing, team/ club/school / individual names, logos, crests.

Char Sadler – the Managing Director & Founder of CaptureMast, quoted:

With CaptureMast having the same target market as Kitlocker, we were absolutely thrilled when we were offered a partnership with Adidas – this is huge for CaptureMast, they are such a prominent & well-known sporting brand and Kitlocker being one of the UK’s biggest kit suppliers how could we say no? We are always thinking one step ahead, how our clients can benefit in different ways, not only with filming equipment but also other essentials that teams may need which also come at a price. We know a lot of our clients would benefit hugely from being able to wear Adidas garments at an exclusive price which will benefit both CaptureMast & Kitlocker in many ways.  

After meeting with Kitlocker & finding out the history of the business, its safe to say we both share the same passion for sports and want to give the best possible bespoke service to our customers which is another reason we are proud to refer our clients to Kitlocker. Not only that but now people will associate CaptureMast with company’s like Kitlocker & Adidas and that is a great feeling. We are very excited about the future with both companies.  


Partnership breakthrough for CaptureMast and In-Play Sports – powerful, incredible analysis.

We would like to announce some exciting news. We have officially gone into partnership with the outstanding In-Play Sports Ltd.

This is HUGE for us here at CaptureMast, over the last year 8 months we have grown from strength to strength and we are now rocketing! Having the opportunity to partner up with a fantastic company such as, In-Play Sports Ltd changes how we operate as a company; and what we can offer our customers around the world. Having such a phenomenal partnership with In-Play is a real game-changer for us… Here’s what you need to know about our new partnership.

This is a BIG deal! In-Play Sports are a well-established UK company that provide performance analysis solutions to clubs at a professional level all the way down to grassroots. From video analysis packages to online software, their services provide a vital opportunity for sports teams to analyse performance effectively.   

In-Play Online is their powerful video analysis platform that improves coaching and player performance. Users can analyse video, create playlists, review stats and deliver feedback effectively using both desktop and mobile devices. Many of our current CaptureMast clients are already using In-Play Online to benefit their players.

Scott Hazard, Director of In-Play Sports Ltd, said: “We are delighted to begin our partnership with CaptureMast and are confident it will bring great benefit to many sports teams throughout the UK. At In-Play Sports we are proud to serve teams at all levels, from grassroots all the way to professional and we know CaptureMast share this same passion.”
“Our online video analysis platform, In-Play Online, will work perfectly alongside the state-of-the-art camera systems provided by CaptureMast. Teams will now have an online area where they can view, analyse and share their video footage which will help bring about real performance improvements.” “This partnership provides a fantastic opportunity for teams to implement a professional performance analysis setup.”

Also adding, “CaptureMast is a company that’s growing rapidly and it’s still less than a year old been a year, it’s a fantastic achievement by Char and her team. Finding and researching the right partnerships that suit us as a company and help drive things forward is incredibly important to us.  We are constantly innovating the way we work at In-Play and are always on the lookout for opportunities that will help our current clients and the clients of CaptureMast “

Char Sadler, Managing Director of CaptureMast, said: “One of our priorities this year was to partner with a leading analysis company. The reason for this is because so many clubs when purchasing our equipment ask about analysis software, so we wanted to create a long-term relationship with an analysis company to give us the ability to offer packages/offers to existing and potential clients.”

“It wasn’t just a case of partnering up with anyone… When In-Play reached out, we did a lot of research into their video analysis software, brand, and service and that’s when we knew they were the perfect partner for us. Their services are cost-effective yet to a professional standard and that reflects on CaptureMast as we are very similar in that respect.” Char Sadler, also added, “We are extremely excited for the future of this partnership and after months of preparation and getting to know exactly how In-Play work, we are delighted to be going into partnership with such a reputable brand.”


CaptureMast Partners Up for 2018!

We have some exciting news to share this week and what’s in store for CaptureMast in 2018.

Our Partnership announcements 2018

Association of Colleges (AoC)
We are now in partnership Association of Colleges (AoC) is the national voice for colleges and exists to promote and support their interests. Everything AoC does is aimed at helping colleges deliver their purpose and to make an impact. They believe that every community should be supported by a strong and successful college, which develops students, delivers relevant skills, and supports stronger communities, social justice, employers and the economy. As CaptureMast work closely to enhance sports education with sports event filming, and selling their latest sports filming equipment this is a very successful partnership.

‘Director Char at CaptureMast ‘Quoted: We are ecstatic to be a part of such a great organisation in the Education sector, very excited for what’s ahead for us this year!’

Pro Ethical Sports
Pro Ethical Sports Management Solutions are committed to developing footballers with talent, potential, and ability as well as managing Career Progression from the first contact to signing, nationally or internationally. They have built upon their previous progressive success to establish The Pro Ethical Elite Full Time Football Academy, ensuring clubs have access to the best talent in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Global. They help players achieve performance excellence by way of our professional expertise knowing how to convert data into consistent performances for the benefit of employers and players. CaptureMast is extremely excited to work closely with the remarkable company Pro Ethical Sports developing and growing players together.

ECFA (English Colleges Football Association)
Another highlight is we have also become in partnership with ECFA (English Colleges Football Association) Through the medium of associations football, the English schools FA, support young people who are in education to develop:
· Self-discipline, loyalty, and resilience
· Respect for those around them
· Positive decision-making
· A healthy lifestyle and physical skills

CaptureMast will be Monitoring & analysing student’s performances on the pitch with their Telescopic Sports Masts, enhancing sports education through professional filming that showcases strengths and weaknesses of the games. CaptureMast creates a platform that ignites the potential in others through sports filming inspiring and educating players performances. Huge benefits for all AOC members competing in the ECFA league. CaptureMast will be providing discounts strictly to all AOC members on our Telescopic Sports Mast Equipment, they will receive their very own tailored discount code. To get the code they will need to check their AOC January newsletter or contact us for further information on how you can get the discount code.

‘Director Char at CaptureMast ‘Quoted: We have become in partnership with some outstanding organisations, and we are very grateful to work so closely with them to make a
difference and develop in the sporting industry, we are so ready for 2018 now!’

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