HDMI to Micro 4K HDMI Adapter

The Micro-HDMI to HDMI Cable Adapter is an ideal solution for a camera with a Micro-HDMI port wanting to run feed through to a field monitor. Display video from your camera directly onto your monitor.


4K Resolution Ready – 15 cm

Please note:

– Check the port on your device.
– NOT Mini-HDMI compatible.
– Connects to Micro-sized HDMI.

Compatible with any of the following Sony cameras:

AX30/ AX33/ AX40/ AX53/ AX55/ AX100/ AX100E/ AX700/ AXP33/ AXP35/ AXP55/ CX220/CX220E/ CX230/ CX230E/ CX240/ CX240E/ CX280/ CX280E/ CX290/ CX290E/ CX320/ CX320E/ CX330/ CX330E/ CX380/ CX380E/ CX390/ CX390E/ CX400E/ CX405/ CX410VE/ CX420/ CX430V/ CX430VE/ CX440/ CX450/ CX455/ CX470/ CX480/ CX485/ CX510E/ CX530E/ CX535/ CX610E/ CX620/ CX625/ CX630V/ CX670/